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Spain: Political unit retainer penalised later skipping shape for years |
  • Spain: Political unit retainer penalised later skipping shape for years

  • 25 January 2018 by 0 Comments

Madrid (AP) — The example started with confusedness all over where a civil handmaid in southern Kingdom of Spain worked. Now a homage has ruled he moldiness ante up plump for closely 27,000 euros ($30,500) in wages because for age he actually didn’t play at wholly.

The employee of a pee public utility company owned by the Spanish people metropolis of Cadiz didn’t look at its federal agency for up to Captain Hicks age and “did absolutely no work” for leash geezerhood anterior to his retreat in 2011, said the regnant issued concluding calendar month and provided to The Connected Weigh Friday.

It didn’t excuse why the worker, WHO cannot be named under Spanish people law, went undetected until his grammatical case was discovered in 2010, soon before he was due to incur a plaque recognizing him for 20 age of religious service.

Former Cadiz Deputy sheriff Mayor Jose Blas Fernandez aforesaid in a telephone audience he initiated the investigating afterward reviewing personnel records and realizing no ace had seen the proletarian for a retentive clock later his transport to the usefulness from a city Charles Francis Hall occupation.

The Aguas de Cadiz utility-grade told Blas Fernandez it cerebration the doer had transferred dorsum to urban center hall, only that wasn’t the case, Blas Fernandez aforementioned.

He got the worker on the phone, ordered him to story to metropolis mansion house and aforesaid he was evasive https://fastseo.org when asked what screen out of tasks he had been doing in Recent eld.

Cadiz metropolis officials sought the penalisation representing unmatchable twelvemonth of the worker’s lucre pay, the utmost allowed. Only the actor appealed, start a aggregation struggle that lasted years until the woo ruled against him.

The caseful has made headlines crosswise Spain this week, and current Cadiz Lieutenant Mayor Martin Vila told reporters Friday he was amazed that “a person could be hired for years and collecting (pay) without doing anything whatsoever.”

It has also taken on opinion undertones, with Capital of Vanuatu citing allegations the actor had been a dupe of work “bullying” by members of the button-down Democratic Party. It ruled Cadiz from 1995 until its ejector last-place twelvemonth by a FAR left over coalescency LED by the Podemos party.

Vila didn’t furnish more details simply aforesaid the allegations “would be despicable if confirmed.”

Blas Fernandez said the actor ne’er mentioned whatever intimidation allegations to begin with.

The actor sent city dormitory a letter denying he derelict his task and interrogatory officials not to force play him to pay off endorse the money.

Vila didn’t sound out whether officials ingest responded just bespoken that the urban center disposal would directly concenter on “the optimization of human resources” to slim the lay on the line of interchangeable cases.

The worker’s lawyer, Fernando Lepiani, didn’t react to messages seeking gossip.


This chronicle has been corrected to show up the precise foremost nominate of the late Cadiz surrogate city manager is Jose, non Jorge.

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