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Services Offered By Landscape Companies |

Services Offered By Landscape Companies

Serenescape of Orange County, CA

We specialize in custom landscape design, swimming pools, spas, concrete and masonry work. We provide a variety of services including lighting, staining, waterfalls, fountains and rock design. We offer quality work to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

-Innovative, custom landscape designs
-Custom swimming pools and spas
-Custom concrete or stone work

-Custom masonry work
-Built-in barbecues / outdoor kitchens

-Outdoor fireplaces
-Waterfalls, fountains and rock design

-Plant design and installation
-Accent lighting

-Irrigation services
-Patio covers, pergola and casitas

-Concrete staining services

Call Serenescape at (949) 200-8630 for all your landscape design and installation needs.

Services Offered By Landscape Companies

Like any group of businesses these days, companies are often numerous and feature varying skill levels and price levels and levels of experience.  Some can only provide basic services and are unable to rise to more than the mediocre.  A few, the cream of the crop, may fulfill your design wishers, maintenance and upgrade needs, and also offer suggestions on getting the most out of your current plantings and yard layout.

If you live in the area, then landscapers Orange County, if they have that professional atmosphere and years of experience, will be able to look after your green needs, from simple lawn care (although it can be complex),  all the way up to new lighting, irrigation an redesign needs.  If you own a large commercial building or a single family home, curb appeal is all important — whether for visitors numbering in the hundreds a day, or a family returning home in the evening.  If the first thing customers see are unkempt grounds, then they are likely to wonder about the company itself!

Shrubs, trees, flower beds and vines, as well as pathways and garden structures need experienced staff  to look after them, so always make sure that you check the references and testimonials of any landscapers Orange County company you are looking at.  Water is critical to the health of any plant, as it is to humans.  Too much for plants and roots may rot.  Too little, and they will die.  Also, plants have to be put where they get the right amount of sun or shade for their species.  Maintenance is crucial for irrigation systems, because if a sprinkler breaks, you could have a veritable waterfall all over your pathways — and that’s dangerous and wasteful.

If the climate turns cold in Winter, then winterization is necessary for grounds or yards.  Any problems that crop up during cold weather will need immediate attention.  Frozen water bursts pipes and if this happens underground, then there can be real problems.  Seeking out a professional landscapers Orange County business will let you have one company, and one alone, take care of all the maintenance, new plantings, new irrigation and lighting maintenance and problems that may come up.

Simplify your life and save money by having one excellent company take charge of your grounds or yard.  Whether it’s large or small, all plants need the same opportunities to grow and flourish, just like people.  If you love certain species of plants but haven’t had any luck in growing them, then a landscaping company will advise you as to what the plants prefer.  They may be able to create microclimates, even in a homeowner’s yard, and enable your prize plants to grow strong and colorful.  A microclimate is, perhaps, something like a group of plants put in under a tree, where they get partial shade and extra water.

A homeowner can have several microclimates in their yard.  Trust your professional landscapers Orange County company to create and maintain them for you.

For more info reference Landscapers Orange County.

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