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A Viewpoint On Creating Short Tales On-Line |
  • A Viewpoint On Creating Short Tales On-Line

  • 5 July 2018 by 0 Comments

story writingThere is more to getting your site ranked high than just creating a great fully optimized, content-rich site. While on-site SEO is a very important part of achieving success in the search engines, there is also a lot that must be done off-site in order to achieve results. But where do you start?

I excelled in English all through school. I loved writing the book reports, the essays and the assigned poetry. I even used to writing article in a 3 ring binder that my friends would pass around in study hall. My English teacher was so impressed with my work that she used them as examples. That was so embarrassing to a teenaged girl striving to be cool!

The Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest seeks today’s best humor poems. The top prize is $1,500, with total cash prizes of $3,600 awarded. Entries are accepted between August 15, 2010 and April 1, 2011.

The best way to submit your site to Google is not through a submit url but through your webmaster tools. Click ‘Diagnostics’ in the left column. Then click ‘Fetch as Googlebot’. Here you can add the main him page and any other key pages on your site. Google will find your other pages but it’s good to let them know about your key pages.

You can link your feed to your MySpace account, so when you publish your home page gets automatically updated. That’s a link that you get automatically with no extra effort, so I’m all for that; and you can do the same with your Twitter account – is this beginning to sound interesting? Well there’s more: there’s also a nice facility that enables you to add links to the major social bookmarking sites at the end of each post. That might get you a few Diggs – again very nice.

In addition, she will go out for little league baseball in the spring. I have woodworking tools and am a woodworker, so I will teach her to make beautiful wooden boxes. She will do the country project, but we will find a girl her age in that particular country for a pen pal relationship. Because a missions trip may or may not work for an eleven-year-old, I will include her in a through-the-Old-Testament devotions that I will give to my whole family. If some sort of missions trip could work out – you bet. In addition, she will most likely continue with her violin lessons.

We have discovered that as you read this informative article, there are about 1000 new free advertising sites getting listed online trying to knock out the authorities’ sites that are ranked on Googles 1st page. These authorities page links tend to bounce all over Google but eventually get placed somewhere back on the 1st couple of pages. Since Googles new recently released updates to rank how websites get ranked on Google searches, many well known companies have had to now re-optimize their web site and still worry about the fly by night affiliates knocking them out of their rightful page rank trying to lure visitors to buy their software.

Publishing Methods: How should you publish your book? Self-Publishing? Vanity Press? Traditional? POD-People? The Big Five? What’s the difference? On this lens I explore the different options you have as a writer to get your book published.

Check all the backlinks this site has in the different search engines. Copy or try to get the same backlinks for your site that your competitor has acquired. Then get more backlinks and/or higher quality backlinks than your competitor.

It would really take a lot to go on an extra mile with your social bookmarking efforts but you’ll earn the fruits of your labor soon enough provided you know what you’re doing and you’re doing it effectively.

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