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A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Thiet Ke Quan Cafe And How to Avoid It |
  • A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Thiet Ke Quan Cafe And How to Avoid It

  • 17 April 2018 by 0 Comments

Green elements along the space is another emphasis

Inside An’garden Café is the forgotten Hanging Gardens of Babylon which is partly replicated now. Climbers and coffee scent send you to another place other than busy and noisy Ha Noi. Plain and rough cement background brings the unexplainable brightness and highlights interior furniture. This background is lightweight yet modern. If you want to enjoy layers of wide spaces, the ground floor thiet ke quan cafe dien tich nho is your best choice, as it has satisfied many visitors. Colors from different objects are combined perfectly in order to create a harmonious environment. On this floor is a small pond with lively aquatic plants right under the staircase. An’garden Café has two floors with a mezzanine that is suitable for those who want to focus on their work or come up with brilliant ideas. Yellow lighting, green layers, and brick walls make this area attractive.

It is a place to share knowledge and delight in the culture of tea and to learn about the process that goes behind the highly elaborated creation of tea – from growing the plants, to the curating, mixing, and blending. “When we spoke to the client about the reference points and ideas for the project, we proposed that we would draw inspiration from traditional Chinese apothecaries, and create a modern interpretation of a medicinal and spiritual place” explains Michael Leckie, Founder of Leckie Studio.

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